Monday, March 3, 2014

Leave the purse snatchers in peace

Russian law demands that victims act like civilized people;
Currently, the notion of self-defense in the Russian Criminal Code covers only those cases when an individual defends their life or the life of a person who is being attacked, and for non-life threatening situations there is a presumption of guilt in relation to people who defend themselves and their valuable possessions with the use of weapons.
For example, in a case in which muggers try to snatch your handbag, your method of self-defense should be appropriate, i.e. you can hold on to your bag but not shoot the would-be thief. The same applies to thieves who have broken into your flat: If they do not threaten you with a gun, a rifle in your hands will be illegal.
But Ukraineans yearning to be free from the bear's arms, watch out;
Russian Black Sea Fleet Commander Aleksandr Vitko has delivered an ultimatum to the Ukrainian military in Crimea, Interfax-Ukraine reported, citing Ukraine's Defense Ministry. "If by 0500 tomorrow (March 4) they do not surrender, a real assault on the units and detachments of the armed forces of Ukraine will start across Crimea," the ministry said. Russian soldiers are are conveying this warning of the Russian Black Sea Fleet commander to Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea, the news agency reported.

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