Friday, March 14, 2014

Ich bin ein Bohrung

Nobody goes there anymore, Berlin's too crowded with tourists;
It all started with a review of Berghain - aka the best club in the world - by Rolling Stone magazine. The underground techno temple, located in a gloomy industrial building in what used to be East Berlin has been described as an almost "religious experience," and, with Berlin's post-reunification boom, quickly went from insider's tip to tourist magnet.
Despite the fact that the club's door policy is as rigid as its architecture, the so-called easyJet crowd (revelers who come to Berlin from out of town for the weekend) sheds a whole new light on Berghain's insider philosophy and on Berlin's state of mind in general. If Berghain is over, so is Berlin.
Following the Rolling Stone article, the New York Times, and Germany's Tagesspiegel and Süddeutsche Zeitung, plus a number of social media platforms had their take on the story. All with the same conclusion: Berlin is passé, what now? 
Life not a cabaret, old boy? That what's bothering you?

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