Friday, March 7, 2014

Another country

Also supported by Vladimir Putin, we let the words speak for themselves;
Cuban President Raúl Castro traveled directly from [Venezuela's] Maiquetía International Airport to the Cuartel de la Montaña, where the remains of Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías have lain, for a year now.
As a simple, intimate tribute, before attending official activities, Raul placed a white rose on the marble tomb and stood in silence for a few seconds, perhaps recalling the compelling moments the two leaders shared.
After witnessing the changing of the guard ceremony with Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla and touring the adjoining photographic exhibit documenting the life of Chávez, the Cuban President joined leaders from across Latin America and the Caribbean for the commemorative civilian-military parade on the city’s Avenida de los Próceres. Along with “10,260 socialist, revolutionary and anti-imperialist combatants, above all Chavistas” marched a contingent of Cubans collaborating in this sister country within many of the missions launched by Chávez in the areas of health, education, culture and sports.
Our bold in the above.

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