Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Unfair to NASCAR!

In a world where a computer is the unchallenged Jeopardy champion, this may not be a surprise;
...the computerisation of logistics is being aided by the increasing cost-effectivness of highly instrumented  and computerised cars....Advances in sensor technology mean that vehicles are likely to soon be augmented with even more advanced suites of sensors. These will permit an algorithmic vehicle controller to monitor its environment to a degree that exceeds the capabilities of any human driver: they have the ability to simultaneously look both forwards and backwards, can natively integrate camera, GPS and LIDAR data, and are not subject to distraction. Algorithms are thus potentially safer and more effective drivers than humans.
Though there'll always be a job for a good English teacher;
...the poor performance of labour markets across advanced economies has intensified the debate about technological unemployment among economists.

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