Wednesday, March 12, 2014

'crat fight

NY Post columnist Michael Goodwin notes with amusement the battlelines being drawn over charter schools between the Governor and the Mayor;
First, the attacks illustrate how important charters have become. What started as an experiment with a few schools has grown into a genuine movement, one that is thrusting New York into the forefront of educational reform.
The actual size of the charter footprint is small — only 70,000 students out of more than 1 million in the city. But the stakes couldn’t be higher, because if charters can make it here, they can make it anywhere. Most important, the evidence that some are closing the racial achievement gaps gives their model the potential to be a national game-changer.
The second bit of clarity involves de Blasio himself. The ferocity of his attacks reveals how nasty he becomes when he doesn’t get his way. To judge from his start, his only gear is to demand conformity and crush dissent.
Most telling are his harsh criticisms of Gov. Cuomo, his fellow Democrat and former friend. Late Monday, after the Assembly included the mayor’s pre-kindergarten tax plan in its budget, de Blasio issued a statement saying, “Speaker Shelly Silver and his conference have put the children of New York City first.”
The clear suggestion is that Cuomo, who supports pre-K but not the tax, doesn’t care about kids. 
Which won't help Cuomo when he begins his campaign for the Democrat nomination for President in 2016. Cui bono?

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