Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rolls, and you Rolls alone

Over the ocean blue, if Rolls Royce can be believed;
... the Roll-Royce I’m talking about is the jet engine and ship manufacturer. And its Ocean Blue team has a wild new idea: crewless drone freighters.
The much like self-driving cars or drones, along with remote human intervention, by relying on cameras and sensors to autonomously pilot their course.....
The London-based company claims the ships would be faster, cheaper to operate, and have a smaller carbon footprint.
Which would make shipboard crewman as easy to find as an elevator operator is today. That's not lost on such;
Understandably, there’s much pushback from ship worker unions and as well as some regulatory hurdles to overcome before the self-piloted ships set sail. That said, Rolls anticipates the drone vessels to be in the Baltic Sea within a decade.
Now, if we could only get Kshama Sawant's attention.

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