Thursday, March 27, 2014

All that's Gold Plan doesn't glitter

I called Blue Cross directly to ask if its most expensive insurance plan covered the only hospital I'd ever go to in an emergency. Since that's all I wanted to know, that's what I asked. (I like to get to the point that way.)
But -- as happens whenever you try to ascertain the most basic information about insurance under Obamacare -- the Blue Cross representative began hammering me with a battery of questions about myself. 
First my name. (Does that make a difference to what hospitals its plans cover?) Then my phone number. By the time he got to my address, I said, CAN YOU PLEASE JUST TELL ME IF ANY OF YOUR PLANS COVER XYZ HOSPITAL? I DON'T EVEN KNOW IF I WANT TO SIGN UP WITH YOU! 
Finally, he admitted that Blue Cross' most expensive individual insurance plan does not cover treatment at the hospitals I named. Their doctors are "out of network" (and the person who designed this plan is "out of his mind"). 
As a woman in the state of Washington just found out, to the tune of about $18,000 in hospital bills.

And she went for the Gold.


  1. Medical rationing the fair way, lottery style: "If your auto license ends in A, your hospital is Pacific General. If your auto ..."

    1. I'm sure the woman from Seattle would prefer that to what actually happened to her.