Saturday, March 1, 2014

¿Cómo se dice, 'disonancia cognitiva'?

Heinz Dieterich--much more than a theoretician who stays true to his ideas and opinions. He is widely regarded as the father of "socialism of the 21st century,"--has got it bad...and that ain't good;
[Q:] Wouldn't your ‘socialism of the 21st century' dream be shattered by this national salvation proposal, something akin to bourgeois ruling classes, which you surely despise if only because of that?
[A:] By no means. I am a scientist and science is based on verifiable facts. And the facts relied upon in Venezuela indicate that the solution lies in the political center of the Venezuelan spectrum, after neutralizing the radical sectors and the external forces. No progressive government in Latin America has made a serious effort to move towards a new civilization that extends beyond market economy and the bourgeois state. Therefore, I don't feel frustrated. What is happening in no way affects the validity of the socialism of the 21st century paradigm.
Scientifically speaking, the guy who denies the people of Venezuela toilet paper and tortillas isn't the radical sector. It's los otros hombres (and their pals, Obama and Biden). My ideas don't need revising.

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  1. Socialism has never been done correctly. Just wait until next time, then you'll see utopian results. If I were running things, it would work. For now, I have a speaking engagement and a new book to sell.