Friday, March 7, 2014

Kshama sez; Obama 'right-wing'

Seeing the whites of their eyes, she fired from the hip, and hit her own foot;
Sawant responded by claiming that the American Samoa study [of the effects of raising the minimum wage]  “has been done by some organization called the Freedom Foundation, which is a right-wing think-tank.” Her comments about the study’s validity were unequivocal.
“As an economist and as an academician,” she explained, “I feel strange calling it a ‘study’ because it’s a spurious analysis that has no basis in reality… Even by the standards of right-wing analysis it’s not that great.”
Sawant contended that, since American Samoa’s minimum wage was increased at about the same time the 2008 recession hit the mainland U.S., Samoa’s massive job losses were the result of the recession and not the minimum wage hikes.
“Just because we’re determined fighters for economic justice does not mean that we cannot see through this haze that’s being created,” she concluded. “We know the facts. We understand how the economy works.”
There’s only one-problem: the report was actually written by the Obama Administration’s Government Accountability Office (GAO), not the “right-wing” Freedom Foundation. While we have cited the study, we are not its authors.  
But she was only getting warmed up. As an economist and as an academician (presumably) she also argued that small businesses that faced high rent and other costs of doing businesses, also needed to have their labor costs raised.

No, we don't understand it either. Nor, presumably, do the people at North Carolina State University who awarded her a Phd in economics.

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