Thursday, March 20, 2014

Not playing with a full deck

The apologists at Venezuelanalysis, are aghast that anyone would suspect the (almost dead) hand of Fidel Castro is dealing the ration cards;
He [President Maduro] went on to describe the Food Card, or Ensured Supply Card. The free, non-mandatory bank card will give the user certain benefits, and is primarily meant to combat contraband and price speculation.
According to Maduro, the card represents a marriage between the Mision Alimentación and the Fair Price Law, enabled late last year amid rampant speculation when certain chain stores were found to have marked prices up as much as 1,200%. The card is expected to bring greater efficiency to both initiatives.
Upon mention of the card, members of the opposition were up in arms via Twitter, calling it a “Cuban rationing card” and implying that the biometrics fingerprint census required to receive the card is an imposition on consumer freedom and privacy.
Relax hombres, trust us, it's just like a loyalty card. Only a little more loyalty needed to eat.
Details as to what the requirements will be to get a card, and exactly how the system will work are to be released this week.  
Details, details.

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