Sunday, March 2, 2014

Is there a Pinochet in your future?

There's nothing more tedious than a Marxist intellectual with a thesaurus, or so Roland Denis seems bent on proving. Por ejemplo;
Is the left a movement of transformative action, or is it a simple ideological protocol that presupposes a pre-established discursive contract?
Since last year, having traversed the crossroads of trying out the rentier economy, under the illusion that the State could indefinitely subsidise the material interests of both the poor and the rich, the scheme fell to pieces having reached the limits of the subsidiary income. And with the scheme also came down the centralist and protostatist ideological protocols of the State’s capitalism as the inaugural transition to socialism, so well defended by radicals and reformers. What we’re left with is the Robinsonian premise; right now, “either we invent or we fail.” In the people’s struggle, we ask that the subsidising scheme be completely inverted, beyond any external communist desire, and repositioned at its primary origin; the need to develop the creation of productive activities, rejecting solely private accumulation and emphasising collective need and direct participation in this development.
On and on he goes, explaining away the failures so obviously present in Venezuela today. Sounding a lot like Mel Gibson jabbering away to Julia Roberts. But, again, the paranoid can have real enemies;
We have come back to what we were just saying, the revenue that subsidises the poor and the rich has ended, and it went bust in favour of the great capital, because in this corporate-bureaucratic model of State capitalism it could not be otherwise. If this demobilising, representative and corrupt scheme is maintained, there will be a right-wing coup and a destabilisation that in the present, politically paralysed context of “functionaries democracy,” the people’s response probably won’t be in their own benefit, but out of confusion and fear. We are living in too much decomposition for the people’s movement not to put itself into a state of political and productive emergency, thusly restoring its history and constructing the society that we truly desire.
If every man gets what he truly desires, none shall 'scape....

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    Roland Denis could be replaced by Postmodernism Generator at the above link.
    A sample:
    === ===
    It could be said that the premise of conceptualist socialism holds that sexual identity, ironically, has intrinsic meaning, given that culture is interchangeable with language. Geoffrey[1] states that we have to choose between neocapitalist materialist theory and subdialectic Marxism.

    If one examines dialectic feminism, one is faced with a choice: either reject postsemantic capitalism or conclude that the Constitution is part of the stasis of language. However, the absurdity, and eventually the stasis, of neotextual cultural theory which is a central theme of Madonna’s Erotica emerges again in Sex, although in a more self-supporting sense. If conceptualist socialism holds, we have to choose between postpatriarchial sublimation and deconstructivist capitalism.
    === ===

    Posrmodern word salad at your command.