Friday, July 18, 2014

...who should 'scape whipping?

Washington's and Oregon's Attorneys General are politicians--i.e. they hold elective office. 'Nuff said?
 Two attorneys general from the Northwest have sued the companies responsible for the popular 5-Hour Energy drink, alleging they engaged in deceptive advertising.
 Nor are they only ones in high dudgeon;
Oregon has been part of a group leading a 33-state investigation into the accuracy of the product's claims. Washington state's attorney general filed a similar lawsuit Thursday in King County Superior Court in Seattle.
In your face;
5-Hour Energy spokeswoman Melissa Skabich said the company will defend itself against what Skabich called civil intimidation.
"When companies are being bullied by someone in a position of power, these companies roll over, pay the ransom, and move on," Skabich said in a statement. "We're not doing that."
We sorta hope the precedent is set; anyone selling a bill of goods to the public is open to being sued.

'Tis consummation devoutly to be wished.

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