Monday, July 14, 2014

Of course we'll overlook the homophobia

It only got her friend Trayvon Martin killed, so no biggie. What's important is patting ourselves on the back for...whatever this is;
‘Did it work?’
When the village meets now, [Rachel] Jeantel has a seat at the table. Some days she wants to go to fashion school, which Joyner’s foundation will not pay for. Other days she says, with a voice of fulsome determination, “I want that college degree.” Vereen wants her to go to Florida Memorial, a small private university founded in 1879 to educate blacks in southern Florida.
Joyner won’t say how much the foundation has contributed to Jeantel’s care. “What matters is, did it work? The short answer to that is no,” Joyner says.
Rachel graduated “not being motivated to get ready for the world.” Joyner wanted her college-ready — to get herself college ready. That’s what the foundation was paying for. “The educational system failed her, but here was an opportunity to do more than the system was offering her,” he says. “We took her to the water, and now the rest is up to her.” The offer remains open.
So, the village managed to find a way to get a piece of paper that says Rachel Jeantel is a high school graduate. Wonder if she still hates gays;
[The jury] they're white...they don't's just bash, bash [gestures]....Trust me, the area I live, that's not bashing. That's just called whuppass. You got your ass whupped.
[That's why I said Zimmerman could be a rapist] For every boy, every man who isn't that kind of way, see a grown man following them, would they be creep out?
By one of those instructive coincidences, this week-end C-Span's Afterwords had Jason Riley on to be interviewed by a befuddled woman about his book Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed.

The treatment received by Rachel Jeantel is a perfect example of Riley's thesis.

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