Monday, July 14, 2014

Our chum, Pinochet

In the Argentina v. UK match that mattered, Britain couldn't have done it without him, says a former secret agent;
Chile's support for Britain during the Falklands War has been revealed for the first time by the man who was dispatched, with only hours notice, to secure a South American ally.
Sidney Edwards, now aged 80, was then a 47-year-old official in the RAF. In conditions of upmost secrecy, he was to play a key role in the conflict, awarded an OBE for his efforts – and believes that Chile's support was vital to the British victory.
...."My personal opinion – and I think one which was shared by my bosses at the Ministry of Defence and by Margaret Thatcher – is that the help we received from Chile was absolutely crucial," he said.
"Without it, we would have lost the war."
And Argentina would still be ruled by a military dictatorship, as it was then?

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