Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Forgot to pay Fidel first?

This should give any potential foreign investors pause;
Held June 9-21 in Havana’s Second Provincial People’s Penal Courtroom, was the public trial of Canadian businessmen Vahe Cy Tokmakjian, Marco Vinicio Puche Rodríguez and Claudio Franco Vetere, charged with the crimes of bribery; acts prejudicial to economic activity or contracting; falsification of banking and commercial documents; fraud; currency trafficking; and tax evasion.
The Attorney General of the Republic accused Vahe Cy Tokmakjian of using fraudulent means and corruption to obtain benefits in negotiations with Cuban entities, causing considerable damage to the economy; operating as a financial intermediary without appropriate authorization; illegally removing large sums of money from the country; altering information in accounting records and tax statements with the purpose of avoiding obligations; as well as making monetary payments to several workers, who performed functions which they were not legally authorized to perform, or were not contracted by national entities to perform.
Those 'workers' being;
 Cuban officials from the former Ministry of Sugar: Nelson Ricardo Labrada Fernández (former deputy minister), Manuel Heriberto Fernández Santiesteban, Leonardo Fidel Delgado Dorta, Jorge Luis Machado Pérez and José René Rubio Escobar; from the former Ministry of Industry: Alberto Cirilo Pantón Grahan (former general director of Cubaníquel), Ernesto Gómez Cumplido (former director de Ferroníquel Minera S.A.) and Fidel Penín Oliva; as well as Jorge Luis Melo Reyes, former director of the Ministry of Tourism’s International Economic Association (Cistur). 
Occupy Habana!

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