Thursday, July 24, 2014

¿Cómo va?

Not muy bien, if you listen to the socialists in Venezuela;
One thing is clear: these policies [Chavezmo/Maduroismo] have reached their limits. Inflation has reached an annualised rate of 60%, there is a serious problem of scarcity of basic food products and the foreign exchange controls have been manipulated by the capitalists through open fraud, overpricing and the black market.
And the government is caving to reality, they say;
Ruling class analysts have interpreted the removal of [Marxist Minister for Planning Jorge] Giordani as a defeat for those who advocated the maintenance of those measures in one way or another. They see the government’s economic team moving faster to implement measures to ease up controls and regulations.
Mad as hell, Not going to take it anymore!
The attempt to regulate capitalism has reached its limits. There are only two ways out of the current situation of economic dislocation: either to allow for the normal functioning of the capitalist market or to move towards the democratic planning of the economy for the benefit of the majority. 
This is only possible by expropriating the wealth of the oligarchy and imperialism which still control key levers of the economy in Venezuela.
Venezuelans unite! You have nothing to lose...but your freedom and your lives. ¿Cuál es el problema?

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