Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What did Piketty advise

Regarding straws...camels' backs and luxury hotel rooms in Paris;
A plan to slap a five-fold increase on hotel tax in France has been ditched by France’s National Assembly after lawmakers said that such a steep rise would deal a blow to the country's vital tourism industry.
The National Assembly rejected a bill on Tuesday night that would have seen the “taxe de séjour” (hotel or lodging tax) increase by up to €8 for four and five star hotels from its current level of €1.50 per guest per night.
The socialists are devouring themselves over a tax of about 1% on the wealthy who stay in hotels (but don't mind a 75% income tax?);
The newly-elected Socialist Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, was a vocal supporter of the tax hike, stating that guests who fork out more than 600 euros per night for a hotel room could well afford to pay a few extra euros.
But several heavyweights from within the country’s Socialist government – including Prime Minister Manuel Valls, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, and Finance Minister Michel Sapin slammed the proposed tax hikes as being "much too high". They backed the hoteliers’ claim that such an increase would deal a serious blow to the tourist industry in France.
Oh, the inequality of it all.

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