Saturday, July 26, 2014

Know who's holding your kids hostage?

In Miami, it's the police;
The Miami Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #20 and the Miami Dade Public Schools Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #133 hold the safety of our children in the City of Miami in the highest regard. We are both disturbed by the thoughtless and obvious politically motivated decision to place older retired police officers in Miami Dade Public Schools. These police officers have not been recently psychologically screened and may not pass the minimum physical standards required of a police officer currently serving the community. They will present, at best, a false sense of security in our schools and, at worst, a potential danger to the safety of our children.
And now that they're no longer dues paying members of our unions, screw them.
After the tragedy in Newton Connecticut in 2012, a renewed call was raised for well qualified police officers to be assigned to area schools. The Fraternal Order of Police is in full agreement with this goal and we are lucky enough in Miami-Dade to have one of the finest public school police departments in the nation. We had previously spoken with the school board leadership and agreed that a sworn, certified-qualified, able-bodied, police officer should be permanently assigned to every public school.
It's all about the kids safety. Sure it is.

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