Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A horse for the course

Right after the borscht, presumably;
A man in Siberia elected to kill and eat his horse rather than let the animal fall into the clutches of local bailiffs.
Orlik the stallion was due to be impounded over his owner's debt of about 18,000 rubles ($500), the Novosibirsk region's branch of the bailiffs service said.
But Orlik was nowhere to be found when they came to the man's ranch in the region to collect the steed, the service said on its website.
A hasty investigation established that the debtor had butchered and eaten the horse.
 The court has made its decision. Now let them enforce it...burp.
Russian bailiffs have been known to seize items including sex dolls, dog clothing, felt boots, a tsar bust, Sphynx cat, beehives and a reinforced concrete fence. In Krasnoyarsk, debt dodgers' mugs started appearing on beer coasters in 2013, and later that year, bailiffs ambushed one offender at his own wedding. 
 He probably let them know where to rescue find him.

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