Wednesday, July 23, 2014

They may not know about much of their art

But as long as the workers in the Prado have jobs searching for it, they're satisfied;
In the 1980s, the Prado gave around 350 canvases up for lost. A decade later, the inventory showed that 500 artworks had gone missing or been destroyed.
The number of pieces is now up to 885. But, some things may turn up?

But the museum’s explanations have failed to convince the Audit Court, which insists on the need to carry on searching for the artworks and to provide oversight of any works on deposit at associated art centers.
The monitoring agency also lamented the absence of a periodical report on the state of the collections, calling it “a weakness” that should be corrected, and criticized “the high number and dispersion” of Prado works at other cultural centers, which “makes oversight particularly difficult.”
The Audit Court also underscored the “lack of sufficient human resources” to manage the art deposits.
!Más trabajos!

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