Thursday, July 24, 2014

Psst; Ich bin ein Berliner

Keep it to yourself, dig?
Under-the-table deals in Berlin don't stop at the Thai meadow [where unlicensed restaurants operate]. Here in the German capital, thousands of people sublet their apartments to tourists for cut-rate prices, for example. There are numerous platforms where people can advertise and rent flats on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And there are just as many customers dying to live like the locals and take the offer. Many of the deals are illegal....
That's the neue Weltordnung.
Disused, abandoned factories and empty, run-down buildings are a common sight in many districts of Berlin. They shape the city's countenance - and its lifestyle. Why leave old buildings to raccoons and stray dogs when they can be transformed into hip party locations? 
That's all done illegally, of course, because registering the building would mean paying taxes and taking care of some repair work to make sure the roof doesn't cave in on revelers.
Disrespect for authority.


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