Saturday, July 26, 2014

The nerve!

Jamie Murguia asks a good question;
Usually when a business decides to open or expand in South Carolina we’re inundated with emails, tweets, and Facebook updates from the governor, the Commerce Department, and/or some other politician taking credit for creating jobs. There’s an entire campaign within the Department of Commerce that promotes how “Just Right” South Carolina is for everything: “From our picturesque coast to our breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains – and from our small towns to our big cities and big businesses – there’s something about the Palmetto State that makes it just right for people from all walks of life and for companies of all kinds and sizes.”
But, apparently there is actually a business South Carolina isn’t “just right” for, a popular and widely publicized company bringing jobs that, curiously enough, very few politicians are clamoring to take credit for. The company is Uber, a ride-sharing service that’s thought to be taking business from traditional taxi cabs. Since its announcement on July 10, police and regulators have targeted the company and drivers who offer services through the Uber app.
One would think an administration so focused on “job creation” as the current one claims to be would support a business that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in people. Uber gives drivers “the power to manage [their] own schedule,” offer rides when available, and “go offline” when they’re not, according to their website.
Instead South Carolinas authorities are actively discouraging this job creator by threatening the people who take the job with arrest.

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  1. The purpose of a company is to pay taxes. Providing goods and services is only a desireable side effect.