Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Domo styled

Leave it to the Germans to bring order to camps;
Refugee camps are often located in remote and difficult environments. And whether it's because of a natural disaster or conflict, displaced people may find themselves living in tents or improvised shelters for years, sometimes decades.
"A tent is very good to deliver short term relief. It's very lightweight and can be transported to any area of the world very quickly. But then the problems start," says Daniel Kerber.
The Berlin-based designer leads an organisation called morethanshelters.
His team has designed a new shelter system called Domo. It is a tent-like shelter that is easy to set up and long-lasting. But unlike standard humanitarian-issue tents, the Domo is highly adaptable to climates and to people's needs.
Given what's going on in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq,'s a growth industry.

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