Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Rotten tomatoes

In the People's Republic of Buñol, says Spain's conservative party;
...the opposition Popular Party (PP) has filed a claim with the Anticorruption Attorney reporting “alleged crimes” and a “lack of transparency” in this privatization process [of the Tomatina fiesta].
Last year, thousands of people from all over the world converged on Buñol to hurl 130,000 kilograms of ripe tomatoes at one another. This year, the celebration will be held on August 27, and all 17,000 tickets have been sold out in advance (5,000 more are held back for the locals).
The local branch of the PP says that the concession of Tomatina management to a private company represents an annual business of nearly €2 million, yet the contract was awarded “without any administrative paperwork or legal oversight.”
According to the opposition party, this is “just the tip of the iceberg of alleged irregularities committed by the city of Buñol over more than 20 years.”
Apparently there was enough rope for the Communists;
During the democratic transition that followed the death of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco and the following years, Buñol was humorously referred to as “Little Russia” because local elections were always won by the Communist Party, reflecting a population that was mostly working class and Republican.
Republican in the euphemistic sense, that is.

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