Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Who let this riff-raff in?

What the above video shows is one of the Castro brothers' intelligence operatives brawling with a citizen opposed to Cuba's totalitarian government, outside the Summit of the Americas last week. As explained by Rebeca Morla in the PanAm Post;
An attacker in the April 8 confrontation — which led to police intervention and arrests — has been identified as Colonel Alexis Frutos Weeden, head of Cuban intelligence in Venezuela. The revelation came via the portal Cuba al Descubierto (Cuba Exposed), which reports that despite his official position as ministry counselor at the Embassy of Cuba in Caracas, Frutos actually serves as the chief of Cuban espionage in the South American nation.
Frutos has a well documented history in Cuba's espionage apparatus. In the early 1990s he was head of intelligence in Mexico. In 1999 he was in Panama as 'press counselor' at the Cuban embassy. Then he was off to Caracas to watch over Hugo Chavez, and the Cuban doctors Fidel and Raul had traded for Venezuelan oil.

Maybe the Obama Administration will invite him to Washington.

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