Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Twofer enemy of the people

Chicago, Chicago...saw a man who Ubered and saved a life...with a handgun;
Authorities say no charges will be filed against an Uber driver who shot and wounded a gunman who opened fire on a crowd of people in Logan Square over the weekend.
The driver had a concealed-carry permit and acted in the defense of himself and others, Assistant State's Attorney Barry Quinn said in court Sunday.
A few years ago he might have been in trouble with the law. As Cato notes;
Chicago was home to some of the most draconian gun laws in America until a 2010 Supreme Court ruling, McDonald v. Chicago, found Chicago’s gun regulation regime unconstitutional. ....
Under the previous regime in Chicago, the driver would have had  to choose between saving lives and avoiding a lengthy, potentially life-ruining prison sentence. 
No word as to whether or not he was driving an SUV.

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