Thursday, April 30, 2015

When medicines are criminalized ...

   only the fingerprinted will have medicines, in (where else?) Venezuela;
Venezuela's imploding economy has hit a new low: medicine rationing.
This week, the health minister unveiled a new national system that requires all patients to register their fingerprints at pharmacies. They will then be allowed to buy just a limited amount of medicines.
 Se llama SIAMED (system for integrated access to meds), and is being billed as the answer to shortages which have left Venezuelans actually dying, as well as suffering needlessly, in the name of socialism. Which is sacred to some.  
The government blames the problem on hoarding and speculation. Health Minister Henry Ventura tweeted: "With #SIAMED, we want to eliminate "hoarding" so that everyone has the right to medicine. Sign up!!!"
La gente will just have to do their duty. Die for the Bolivarian revolution. But, hey your body will at least be identified by your fingerprints.

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