Sunday, April 26, 2015

We'll see you get sent to the Vice-principal's office

The state of Washington isn't about to allow anyone to rain on the Governor and his campaign contributors' parade;
An airplane circling over the Capitol campus during the rally also drew boos. It trailed a banner calling for an end to teacher strikes. According to a Washington Education Association estimate, 2,000 teachers in six school districts staged a one-day walkout Friday in protest of proposed state budget's treatment of teacher pay and benefits.

Washington State Patrol officers at the rally said they were investigating whether the plane's tail numbers had been illegally concealed. A call to a State Patrol spokesman afterward was not returned.
Some pilot objects to taxpayer funded employees (public school teachers) illegally striking, so he peacefully flies over the state capitol petitioning for redress of his grievance.  Naturally, other taxpayer funded employees (state troopers) will see about that.

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