Wednesday, April 8, 2015

¿Qué, yo preocupo?

Damn the pollsters, full speed ahead for Chile's Presidenta;
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said her ambitious reform drive would not be derailed by a recent run of natural and political storms that have dragged her popularity to an all-time low, promising to continue with "key" educational changes.
The center-left leader...has seen her approval ratings sink to their lowest ever levels in recent weeks.
Due, in part, to her son and the access Bachelet's daughter-in-law had to a large bank loan, which forced her son to step down as head of her charity. A little thing like corruption isn't going to stop her though;
"We have to confront (these issues) but at the same time we have to advance and that's why the reforms are going to continue," Bachelet told journalists at a meeting at the presidential palace on Wednesday.
"It makes it more complex, and much more expensive than calculated, but we will do all that is necessary."
Though why  any of what she wants to do is necessary, remains unexplained. As Chile is the best place in all of Latin America to be a citizen, thanks to...Augusto Pinochet's reforms, that Bachelet wants to undo.
Chile has made significant strides in eradicating poverty in recent decades, and is one of Latin America's most stable and wealthy countries.
However, it still suffers from sharp inequality and poor quality schooling, especially for those on lower incomes.
But Chile's quality of schooling is, by most measures, the best of any Latin American country.

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