Monday, April 6, 2015

e-hailed, well met...We'll see you in court

New York City is being bitten by the hands that were feeding;
A group of taxi companies sued New York claiming the city is wrongfully allowing Uber Technologies Inc. customers to hail rides with an app.
Depends on your definition of 'hail'?
The taxi drivers and owners of taxi medallions claim the city’s Uber-friendly policies are causing the value of medallions and the pay of drivers to plummet. The medallions cited in the case have sold for as much as $1.25 million each.
The city “permits Uber cars and other non-medallion cars to be e-hailed, effectively eviscerating the hail exclusivity to which yellow medallion taxis have been entitled under state and local law for decades,” the group said.
 We paid for our monopoly...fair and square.

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