Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Headline we wish we could have written

From New;
Bots rejects requests to hire cheap Zimbos
Africa for Africans...?
BOTSWANA home affairs minister Edwin Batshu has rejected requests by farmers there to be allowed to hire ‘cheap’ Zimbabweans as the Batswana were shunning jobs in that sector.
Some farmers pleaded with Batshu during a Kgotla meeting in Mmadinare recently that they be allowed to employ Zimbabwean nationals because they are very effective while Batswana do not want to work for locals.
The Tea Party is everywhere.
The Botswana government, however, has reserved farm jobs for locals and does not issue permits to foreigners in that sector.
Batshu said there was no question of relaxing the rules for Mmadinare villagers.
“What will happen if the Zimbabwe economy improves at the time when Batswana are relying on their cheap labour in their farms,” he said.
Man up, BroBots!
He added, “Batswana are very choosy and this has seriously delayed their progress in life. Farm owners must also pay farm workers well so that they can attract Batswana to work in their farms. The employer and employee need each other.”
Except that some Botswanans have better opportunities than farm labor.
Some residents told Batshu that Batswana want cheap Zimbabwean labour because they could not cheat locals.
Well, they're smart enough to flee Mugabe.

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