Thursday, April 16, 2015

...but he's OUR 'biyang de'

Paraphrasing Ninotchka, there may be tens of millions fewer Chinese, but the remaining are better Chinese;
Bi Fujian, 56, is known for hosting a CCTV talent competition show and co-hosting the network's New Year Gala since 2012. In a viral video that appeared online on April 6, Bi, who was attending a private dinner, referred to Mao as "biyang de" which translates roughly to "son of a bitch" and performed a parody of a song from a "model opera" from the Cultural Revolution.
And you're not fit to carry his chopsticks, pal;
On April 6, the nationalistic People's Daily-run tabloid Global Times urged public figures to be discreet and to behave in an article on Bi's "inappropriate video." Two days later, the website of the Communist Youth League mouthpiece China Youth Daily blasted Bi, saying that "Without Mao, there would be no Communist Party. Then would Bi Fujian still be wining and dining, picking up his chopsticks to eat his meat and setting them down to call someone a son of a bitch?"
That would depend on how lucky he and his family had been during the Great Leap Forward and/or Cultural Revolution wouldn't it? For those unfamiliar with those episodes, HSIB recommends Jung Chang's Wild Swans.

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