Saturday, April 25, 2015

Governor, can you spare a drachma?

The birthplace of democracy hasn't run out of ideas (just other people's money);
Greece's governors and other local officials agreed on Saturday to lend cash to the near-bankrupt central government after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras assured them the measure would last for only a short period of time.
Greek lawmakers approved a decree late on Friday to force state entities to lend cash to the central government in spite of protests by municipalities and labour unions.
That should be less painful for the Grecians' earnings. Don't take it out of this pocket...take it out of that one! Though some aren't fooled by the shell game;
"The state is committed to paying salaries and pensions," the government's parliamentary speaker, Nikos Filis, told lawmakers, defending the legislation. "The money will be earning better interest rates (than what banks pay)."
In a symbolic protest, municipal workers walked off the job for three hours on Friday. Some local government officials have threatened to defy the orders, while others have said they need more information before contributing to central government coffers.
While they investigate how their pensions and wages are going to be paid.

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