Friday, April 24, 2015

The friend of our new best friend is in for it

As if any more evidence of the brutality inflicted on the poor of Latin America by the socialistas was needed, comes a new report;
Al menos 11,3% de las personas en Venezuela consume dos o menos comidas cada día. 80,1% refiere que no le alcanza lo que gana para comprar comida. Al estudiar los datos por estratos socioeconómicos se revela que del grupo de personas que dijo que no podía hacer sus tres comidas diarias, 39,1% pertenece a los sectores sociales que no tiene una vivienda de calidad y tampoco tiene estudios académicos completos, es decir, pertenecen a los sectores sociales más empobrecidos.
Roughly: at least 11.3% of Venezuelans eat only two meals per day. 80.1% report they don't earn enough to buy food. Of those who report that they go hungry, 39.1% are from the poorest sectors of Venezuelan society ( El Presidente Maduro's  base).

The PanAm Post says, get used to it, hombres;
Specialists argue that Venezuela is going through a similar situation to the “Special Period” that Cuba experienced between 1990 and 1993. Economist José Toro Hardy explained that Cubans of the day were affected by severe rationing, the destruction of industry, and the reform of the agricultural sector, which ended up damaging the health of people across the island.
Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González, argued that Venezuela is currently in a worse situation than Cuba during the Special Period. “In Cuba a kilo of rice for each family was a kilo of rice, but in Venezuela it means three quarters of a kilo, if it comes, and a quarter of a kilo on the black market,” he added.
Economist Henkel García meanwhile told a local news outlet that Venezuelans should prepare themselves for a “drastic adjustment” of their food intake, similar to Cubans in the years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, both due to rising inflation as well as generalized scarcity.
!Qué lástima!

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