Monday, April 20, 2015

Got your goat?

And are you paying them the minimum wage?
As planes took off and landed behind a fence one unusually warm April day at Portland International airport, a herd of goats lay basking in the sun, taking a nap break from their 24-hour job of chowing down on invasive plants.
Obviously they aren't union members.
Soon afterwards though, the 40 Spanish and Kiko breed goats were back at work, using their hoofs [sic] to hold down blackberry brambles and their nimble lips and sharp back teeth to cut away unwanted foliage.
Have we stumbled upon the filming of a Portlandia episode?

The airport took on the goats, watched over by a shepherdess and a protective brown llama named Monty, to clear a large patch of overgrown land just outside the airfield that is inaccessible to mowers.
No, it's the age old story of man exploits goats;
The goats, owned by Portland company Goat Power LLC, are accustomed to traveling all over Oregon to clear weeds from vineyards, schools and private yards.
They even have their own security;
While they work, Monty the llama keeps a watchful eye out for predators, ready to call out an alarm and able to kill a coyote with one kick.

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