Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Should have called Uber

The Seattle blind couple denied a ride by public transit would have been welcomed as just another profit opportunity;
Cindy Bennett and Michael Mello were trying to catch the bus on Capitol Hill on Sunday when they say the driver insisted they get off the bus and wait for the next one because no priority seats were available.
"He was making an assumption that the only seats we could sit in were those designated as ADA seats," Bennett said. "We felt that it was a pretty clear indication that we were not welcome on that bus."
"He started kind of getting louder and more irate with me and saying, 'the ADA section is full.' I said, 'that's fine. We can sit anywhere else on this bus. It's no problem,'" added Mello.
Maybe not for them, but the bus driver has his problems serving the public.

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