Saturday, December 27, 2014

Ring out the old Obamacare

Or perhaps, wring its neck, says The 2017 Project, and replace it with a better deal for the average bear.

For starters, level the playing field for people who don't get their health insurance through a tax free employer provided plan. Not by the politically foolish idea, supported by some, to repeal the tax exemption on that type of health insurance, but by offering tax credits to those who currently have to buy their health insurance with their post income tax money;
Using the tax credits recommended in this proposal, ...[people] could have purchased insurance through the individual market in any of the 50 states, either just by using the tax credit or else by supplementing it with no more than $15 of their own money....
By contrast;
Under Obamacare, the typical person who makes $40,000 a year cannot get health insurance for ten times that price. That bears repeating: he or she cannot get health insurance for ten times that price.
....the median amount that a 26-year old who makes $40,000 has to pay per month for Obamacare's cheapest "bronze" (lowest tier) is $159. ....the typical 36-year old has to pay $191 a month, the typical 46-year old has to pay $202 per month ....
Ring in the new.

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