Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Can't make an omelet without breaking the rules?

Then Guinness won't honor you, the mayor won't pay you your 50,000 euros, and even the socialists will make fun of you;
The Basque Nationalist Party, Bildu and the Basque Socialists believe [the city of] Vitoria has made a “fool” of itself by having failed to get into the book of Guinness World Records with its attempt to make a giant Spanish omelet in the city’s Plaza de la Virgen Blanca in August.
Their accusations have been echoed in a story published on website Norte Exprés that reported Guinness had rejected Vitoria’s application to claim the title of the world’s biggest Spanish omelet because it did not accept the way in which it was made “in pre-cooked portions,” before being put together “like a puzzle.”
Though apparently you can keep the money you've already collected;
Mayor [Javier] Maroto has said that Vitoria would not pay €50,000 it still owes Spanish Gastronomy Capital organizers if Guinness fails to admit the record. This amount does not affect the €45,000 already paid to chef Senén González for coordinating the event.
....Basque Socialist councilor Patxi Lazcoz said news of the attempt had been reported in “73 press and 311 online outlets, as well as on the main regional and national TV stations, and even on a TV station in Kuwait.
“And now what are we going to tell them?” he asked.
You've resubmitted your entry as Largest Jigsaw Puzzle Made With Eggs and Potatoes

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  1. So, it isn't the omelet that is important. There seems to be a distaste for modern construction methods. Socialists don't like assembly lines.

    They are fascinated by capital. The lack of a giant, iron pan must have been the deal breaker. They had the biggest omelet, but not the biggest pan.