Monday, December 1, 2014

Sauce pour l'oie

The French are revolting! The French employers, this time;
Around 4,000 employers marched in Paris, Marseille and Toulouse on Monday, according to police figures, kicking off a series of demonstrations calling for the deregulation of France’s economy.
Protesters in the French capital brandished signs saying “Free Our Businesses” and wore neon-yellow vests and construction helmets.
Among their chief concerns are new compulsory payments covering severe working conditions such as night shifts – costing up to 600 euros per worker per year.
Sévère ala Françaises.
They are also complaining that they cannot legally employ hire part-timers for less than 24 hours a week, while new rules will force companies of less than 250 employees to inform their workers before they negotiate the sale of a business to new owners.

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  1. To the French government, all of the large and small businesses in France are merely the Employment Bureau - Action Section. Just tell them what to do and see that they do it.

    Profit is a social construct.

    And the same for the US government, and all governments.