Thursday, December 11, 2014

Born to be mild, comparatively speaking

Get your motor runnin'. Head out on the highway. Looking for adventure? They're doing it their way--and a definite improvement over their elders;
The youngest son of Argentine revolutionary leader Che Guevara has opened an agency offering Cuban motorcycle tours for £3,700 [~ $6,500].
La Poderosa Tours aims to offer an "intimate contact with a part of the history of a unique revolution," with visits to Guevara's base in colonial Havana and a trip to Santa Clara in the east of the city, which witnessed a crucial battle in 1958 and still holds Guevara's remains [shipped back from Bolivia where Che Sr. was executed by a Bolivian army officer].
Don't forget the buddy;
One of the tour guides is Camilo Sanchez, the son of Cuban guerrilla Antonio Sanchez Diaz, also known as "Marcos", killed during a 1967 battle.
After a fun day of Harleying around, lectures on dialectical materialism?

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