Monday, December 15, 2014

I'll be down to get you in un taxi, mon chéri.

Because next year vous won't be able to summon your preferred method of riding;
... [French] taxi drivers' wider lobbying efforts against rideshare apps appear to have succeeded. Pierre-Henry Brandet, a spokesperson for the French Ministry of the Interior, was asked Monday on a French TV station, iTélé, whether rideshare apps would be banned in the near future.

"Absolutely," Brandet said. "Not only is it illegal to offer this service, but it's a real danger for consumers."
Besides we still owe the taxi drivers for ferrying soldiers out to meet the Hun in 1914;
Gen. Joseph Gallieni, the military governor of Paris who concocted the plan, ordered the taxis to gather on a grassy esplanade in front of the gold-domed Invalides military museum, which honors war victims and is the burial site of Napoleon Bonaparte. The commute to battle through the Paris environs must have been quite a sight: A rumbling caravan of hand-cranked red cars with bright yellow spokes packed a half-dozen soldiers behind primly-dressed drivers.
In that day, a motorcade was as much a technological innovation as unmanned drones might be considered in conflicts today.
France intends to keep technological innovation to a minimum.

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