Thursday, December 11, 2014


We think likely not, this;
Although it is one of Latin America's most developed countries, rates of recycling are low in Chile.
Since recycling is pretty much wasteful, and only found where governments subsidize it. To provide rich California kids with toys;
A Chile-based start-up venture that collects discarded fishing nets from the country's long coastline and turns them into skateboards for U.S. teenagers is garnering attention from investors as sales ramp up.
Those must be pretty parted--investors, because these numbers don't impress;
Bureo [Skateboards] is into its second production run of 5,500 boards and is aiming at volume sales of up to 20,000 by its third year, selling at $149 apiece.
Which would be all of $3 million in revenue. That may or may not be a cheap price to pay for partially cleaning up Chile's coastline, but it's hardly enough to attract any serious investment.

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