Thursday, December 4, 2014

Pelea de gatas

Former childhood playmates are going at it for higher stakes in Chile, as Evelyn Matthei assesses the performance of the woman who defeated her at the polls last year;
Matthei turned the heat up Monday in an interview with press, when she stated that “President Michelle Bachelet is what’s wrong with this country” and was leading it towards “disaster.”
.... “The responsibility is hers. She names the ministers, she backed the tax reform proposals, she’s responsible,” Matthei said.
“What does she know about the economy? She doesn’t know anything. About education? Still nothing. Does she know how long it takes to prepare a good legislative proposal? Obviously, she doesn’t know much,” she added.
Matthei declined to label Bachelet as “incapable,” damning the President by faint praise as “probably a good doctor” and “definitely a good communicator.”
In response the Communist-socialist coalition had this to say;
Osvaldo Andrade, a senior figure with the Socialist Party (PS), called for the erstwhile presidential candidate to be ignored.
“Madness should never be responded to. It should be left alone so it goes away,” he pronounced.
President of the left-wing Broad Social Movement (MAS) Sen. Alejandro Navarro went one step further, saying that she “needs urgent medical psychiatric help.”
“I hope that the UDI wakes up to the situation before things get out of hand regarding Pablo Longueira. I only hope that the medical attention doesn’t come from senator [Jacqueline] Van Rysselberghe, or things will only get worse,” he added, taking a dig at another 2013 presidential candidate who withdrew from the race for mental health reasons, and alluding to Van Rysselberghe’s background in psychiatry.
Didn't Churchill say that jaw-jaw is better than coup-coup?

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