Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Emerald Isle-Water Paradox

If it's necessary to human existence it should be free?
Ireland has until now funded water supplies through general taxation. But as part of austerity measures to help Ireland repay its 2010 international bailout, the government has set up a company to charge for water use.
The Fine Gael-Labour coalition says more money is needed for investment in water pipes and infrastructure, and the alternative to water charges would be higher taxes.
The proposals, due to be introduced on January 1, have seen country-wide protests against what is seen as a double taxation on water.
Why the protestors would be happier with higher taxes is unexplained in the article, but this reminds us that Adam Smith was a Scot;
...anti-austerity alliance TD Paul Murphy said the protests were the biggest for 30 years. "There is now a widespread understanding that water charges at any rate are unacceptable. They represent the commodification of a vital human need," he said.
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