Monday, December 29, 2014

A society of dunces

Young man from Iowa ain't buyin' Maggie Thatcher's line. He just plans on being anti-society;
Ryan Moon of Des Moines, Iowa, graduated from college in 2013 with a bachelor's in political science, and is still hunting for a permanent job with benefits. He expects to pay a fine of $95. A supporter of the health care law, he feels conflicted about its insurance mandate and fines.
"I hate the idea that you have to pay a penalty, but at the same time, it helps other people," said Moon, who's in his early 20s. "It really helps society, but society has to be forced to help society."
Presumably there were no requirements to take an economics course to get that PoliSci degree. If there had been, this might have been avoided;
In Des Moines, recent college graduate Moon has held a succession of temporary local and state government jobs that don't provide affordable coverage. The penalties are on his mind.
"When it gets up to $325, I hope I have a career that actually offers me a good health care plan," he said.
Maybe he can't get started in a career BECAUSE of society being forced to help society.

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