Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A carpool by any other name...

Mostly 'Uber', but also Lyft and Sidecar, aren't smelling too sweet to governments captured by entrenched taxi industries worldwide;
Allegations that an Uber driver raped a woman in India last weekend has triggered a nationwide ban on smartphone-enabled taxi services that could stifle the company’s ability to operate in its largest market outside of the U.S.
Because a taxi cab driver has never committed a crime in India?
Also this week, Thailand barred all app-based taxi service operators who use personal vehicles; a Spanish judge ordered a temporary halt to the company’s operations in the country; and the city of Portland, Ore., issued a cease-and-desist order and filed a lawsuit against Uber.
Uber also faces a legal challenge in its own backyard. On Tuesday, the district attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles sued Uber for allegedly misleading consumers and said they are seeking a permanent injunction of the business until it complies with California law. The suit alleges, among other issues, that Uber is misleading customers into believing it screens out drivers who have committed criminal offenses.
All these political jurisdictions probably have carpool lanes and government funded PR campaigns to increase carpooling. Certainly Portland does. Carpoolers were preferred citizens, so to speak. How the worms turn.

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