Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bon anniversaire

It's been a decade since French communists discovered the benefits of capitalism, and allowed the private sector to build a bridge. And what a bridge the Millau viaduct is;

As Wiki put it;
The bridge's construction cost up to €394 million...with a toll plaza 6 km (3.7 mi) north of the viaduct costing an additional €20 million. The builders, Eiffage, financed the construction in return for a concession to collect the tolls for 75 years, until 2080. However, if the concession yields high revenues, the French government can assume control of the bridge as early as 2044.

ONE of France's most impressive modern architectural achievements, the Millau viaduct, is celebrating its 10th birthday this week.

Inaugurated by then French president Jacques Chirac on December 14 2004, the tallest bridge in the world carries almost five million vehicles a year over the Tarn river in Aveyron and is due to welcome its 50 millionth by next summer. - See more at:

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