Monday, December 8, 2014

Le Manuel nous adorons

Because M. Valls is such a goofball delight. Then, again, maybe for the French, living better after he's gone will be the best revenge;
[Prime Minister Manuel] Valls said Sarkozy’s political ambitions were fuelled by vengeance against French President François Hollande for his defeat in the 2012 presidential election.
“He is taking revenge not only on Hollande but also against the French people who voted him out,” he told France 2 TV. “One cannot prepare for the future of a great country like France in the spirit of revenge.”
40 million Frenchmen, however, may think they've been wronged;
Valls, who is ahead of his boss in the opinion polls and seen as a likely Socialist presidential candidate in 2017, re-affirmed his loyalty to unpopular Hollande and insisted he would “stay the course” and remain in office until the 2017 presidential election.
“I am not a deserter,” he said. “Should I quit to prepare for a different destiny? Absolutely not.”
Insisting that he worked “in tandem” with Hollande, whose difficulties to revive France’s economy or reduce ballooning unemployment has made him the least popular president in recent times, Valls said his “greatest ambition” was to make the French “once more proud to be French”.
The electorate may have a different idea about his pride.

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