Saturday, June 6, 2015

Party like it's 1946

And an iron curtain has descended for pobre Venezuela. The comrades at Morning Star The People's Daily, can't contain their enthusiasm over solidarity with that tyranny;
Politicians, journalists and peace campaigners, along with the Venezuelan and Argentinian ambassadors, praised the “inspirational” example that the Bolivarian revolution is setting the world.
Hundreds cheered;
Speakers hailed the Latin American country’s achievements in poverty reduction and improving literacy and healthcare. Cuba Solidarity Campaign director Rob Miller noted the unshakeable friendship between Caracas and Havana ....
Let's not forget the American contingent;
US campaigner Medea Benjamin of Code Pink slammed the ludicrous bid by the United States to paint Venezuela as a human rights abuser. “This from a country that guns down black citizens in the streets every single day? That keeps the death penalty, which Venezuela abolished in 1863?” she asked.
Wouldn't that be a little before the Bolivarian revolution, Medea?
 Morning Star editor Ben Chacko said Venezuela was an example of putting the “real needs of real people above abstract and impersonal ‘market forces.’
Like the forces that, left unimpeded, would supply toilet paper and cooking oil to real people?

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