Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Can't say they're not stand-up guys

The Commies at Morning Star The People's Daily have decided that a class distinction should be allowed (and applauded!);
CELTIC were granted permission to introduce safe standing yesterday at Celtic Park.
Discussions have been ongoing for the past five years and were finally approved by the authorities, with the 60,000 seater stadium to have rail seating installed.
We love that, rail seating. And, it's not just standing. No, it's safe standing.

Only took five years for the authorities to allow the paying spectators to do what they wanted. But CELTIC Chief executive Peter Lawwell pays proper obeisance:
“Across football globally, the reality is that some supporters are choosing to stand at matches.
“This is something we must accept and manage and also understand the positive effect which these areas have on atmosphere at matches.
Every five years or so.

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